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Ginger PhotoA lifelong interest in handcraft and textile arts has been a constant thread in my life. I was a teacher for 21 years in Special Education, during which time I always used hands-on experiences with arts to enable and enrich the learning experience. After retiring, I spent many years exploring the largely unknown but historically rich world of gourds and gourd craft. During that time, I traveled extensively tracing the history of gourds, and wrote eight books on many aspects of gourd art and craft. My interest in textile arts has always remained strong and I have recently returned to this original passion.

The world of felting combines ancient historic roots and provides many diverse opportunities for artistic exploration. Felt has been used since ancient times to create clothing, shelter and objects for daily use. Today artists use the fleece from sheep and many other fur-bearing animals to create beautiful clothing, household decor and art pieces. My felt work has been exhibited in shows around the country, as well as galleries and shops. The job of bringing old traditions to life using simple techniques has been enriching and satisfying. Always a teacher, I enjoy sharing this passion with others, both young and old.
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