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Ginger Summit Fiberarts

Because I make a wide variety of felted projects, I use wool from many different kinds of sheep and from many sources.  Items that will be worn, such as scarves or shawls, require a soft fleece such as merino or ramboullet, while items for home decor such as mats, rugs, pillows or hangings can be made with a coarser wool.  I get fleece from many sources, including wool suppliers and stores.  Processed fleece from dealers come in a variety of colors and are ready to use.  But I often get fleece directly from sheep farms, soon after the sheep are shorn. The pelts must then be gently washed to remove much of the lanolin, picked free of vegetal matter, and then carded to comb the fibers into orderly 'batts'.  Natural fleece come in a wide variety  of shades, from nearly black to very white.  The fibers of the different varieties of sheep have a fascinating range of characteristics, from very long straight fibers to short and tightly curled mats.  The challenge is to match the right fleece with the right project----a never-ending learning experience.

beach sceneclear spacerfelted troutclear spacerfelted tulipsclear spacerfelted daffodils
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felted lighthouse scene   felted apples
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 felted tidepool scene felted Tetons scene High Country Scene
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felted owl felted maze felted bowl felted tree rings
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shawl Felted Shawl scard scarf
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felted rocks felted trout felted gull felted cupcakes
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